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Car and Driver - March 2012

Car and Driver - March 2012

PDF | 120 pages | 109.33 Mb | English is an American automotive enthusiast magazine. was founded as Sports Cars Illustrated in 1955. In its early years, the magazine focused primarily on small, imported sports cars. In 1961, editor Karl Ludvigsen renamed the magazine to show a more general automotive focus. 2005 marked the 50th anniversary of this wonderfull magazine.

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Chess Informant  Issue Number 49  1990/01-06

Chess Informant • Issue Number 49 • 1990/01-06

BEOGRAD 1990 | ISSN 0351-1375 | English | PDF 600 dpi | 468 pages | 8.4 MB
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Computer Bild 05/2012

Computer Bild 05/2012

PDF | 16 MB | 124 Pages | German
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Golf of Your Dreams

Golf of Your Dreams by Dr. Bob Rotella

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio November 1, 1997 | ISBN: 0671577115 | Language English | Audio CD in MP3/192Kbps | 88 MB
Fifteen years ago, the average male golfer's handicap was 16.2. The average female golfer's handicap was 29. Today, the average American male golfer's handicap is 16.2 and the average female golfer's is 29. American golfers have not gotten any better. World-renowned performance consultant and sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella now offers The Golf of Your Dreams for the golfer who is determined to get better but hasn't figured out how to go about it.
Dr. Rotella's program is based on strategies found to be successful with tour players such as Tom Kite, Brad Faxon, Pat Bradley, and Davis Love III. Dr. Rotella knows that if you want to play your best golf ever, you must admit to yourself that you want to be good and that you have the necessary talent to play well. But that's not all. You must commit yourself to a process that will improve your game. In The Golf of Your Dreams, Dr. Rotella provides tips on how to:
Choose the right teaching professional
Communicate your dreams and goals to your teacher
Get your teacher to teach you as a student serious about improving
Break old habits and develop new ones
Practice efficiently and effectively so you can take your learning from the practice area to the golf course
The Golf of Your Dreams will make you keenly aware of what you have to do in order to play the kind of golf you've always sensed you were capable of playing.
Here's a hard fact of golf life: despite the technological improvements in golf equipment and the billions of dollars spent on that gear, the average golfer is still as bad as he or she was 15 years ago. Bob Rotella, sports psychologist and author of Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect and Golf Is a Game of Confidence, knows what the problem is: commitment. Once a player commits himself to doing better, and does what it takes to achieve that goal, he or she will improve. Rotella's plan for making and following through on that commitment is an excellent one. He says very clearly, and right at the beginning of the book, that his plan isn't for someone who plays golf once a month for pleasure. This is for hard-core dimpleheads, male or female, and it's a serious, extremely workable program. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
Davis Love III
My father spent many years teaching me to play golf, but when I reached the PGA Tour we realized that a poor short game was holding me back. My father suggested that Dr. Bob Rotella could help me reach my potential as a tournament golfer. Bob taught me a steady routine and has given me the confidence in my game to play at the highest level of competition.
--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
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Mount Everest (Nature's Wonders)

Mount Everest (Nature's Wonders) By Ann Heinrichs

Publisher: Ben[ch]./mark Bo..oks 2010 | 97 Pages | ISBN: 0761439331 , 0761446494 | PDF | 18 MB

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It stands 5.5 miles high in the Himalaya Mountains. In Mount Everest, explore the majesty of its steep walls, sheer cliffs, deep snow, and icy slabs. Discover the wildlife that inhabits its peaks and valleys, the people who make it their home, and the efforts being made to protect one of Earth's grandest natural wonders.

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Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization

Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization By Hasana Sharp

Publisher: Univ.,ers,,ity Of Chi,/,cago Pre,ss 2011 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 0226750744 | PDF | 2 MB

There have been many Spinozas over the centuries: atheist, romantic pantheist, great thinker of the multitude, advocate of the liberated individual, and rigorous rationalist. The common thread connecting all of these clashing perspectives is Spinoza’s naturalism, the idea that humanity is part of nature, not above it.
In this sophisticated new interpretation of Spinoza’s iconoclastic philosophy, Hasana Sharp draws on his uncompromising naturalism to rethink human agency, ethics, and political practice. Sharp uses Spinoza to outline a practical wisdom of “renaturalization,” showing how ideas, actions, and institutions are never merely products of human intention or design, but outcomes of the complex relationships among natural forces beyond our control. This lack of a metaphysical or moral division between humanity and the rest of nature, Sharp contends, can provide the basis for an ethical and political practice free from the tendency to view ourselves as either gods or beasts.
Sharp’s groundbreaking argument critically engages with important contemporary thinkers—including deep ecologists, feminists, and race and critical theorists—making Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization vital for a wide range of scholars.

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What Einstein Told His Barber: More Scientific Answers to Everyday Questions (repost)

Robert Wolke, "What Einstein Told His Barber: More Scientific Answers to Everyday Questions"

D ll | ISBN: 0440508797 | ASIN: B002ZW7ECI | 2000 | MOBI | 288 pages | 1,5 MB
What makes ice cubes cloudy? How do shark attacks make airplanes safer? Can a person traveling in a car at the speed of sound still hear the radio? Moreover, would they want to...?
Do you often find yourself pondering life's little conundrums? Have you ever wondered why the ocean is blue? Or why birds don't get electrocuted when perching on high-voltage power lines? Robert L. Wolke, professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh and acclaimed author of What Einstein Didn't Know, understands the need to...well, understand. Now he provides more amusing explanations of such everyday phenomena as gravity (If you're in a falling elevator, will jumping at the last instant save your life?) and acoustics (Why does a whip make such a loud cracking noise?), along with amazing facts, belly-up-to-the-bar bets, and mind-blowing reality bites all with his trademark wit and wisdom.
If you shoot a bullet into the air, can it kill somebody when it comes down?
You can find out about all this and more in an astonishing compendium of the proverbial mind-boggling mysteries of the physical world we inhabit.
Arranged in a question-and-answer format and grouped by subject for browsing ease, WHAT EINSTEIN TOLD HIS BARBER is for anyone who ever pondered such things as why colors fade in sunlight, what happens to the rubber from worn-out tires, what makes red-hot objects glow red, and other scientific curiosities. Perfect for fans of Newton's Apple, Jeopardy!, and The Discovery Channel, WHAT EINSTEIN TOLD HIS BARBER also includes a glossary of important scientific buzz words and a comprehensive index.
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Surface Tension of Pure Liquids and Binary Liquid Mixtures by Christian Wohlfarth

Surface Tension of Pure Liquids and Binary Liquid Mixtures by Christian Wohlfarth (Repost)

Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (November 25, 1997) | ISBN: 354063276X | Pages: 339 | PDF | 1.48 MB
Scientific and technological research on many areas needs data on surface tension of the used materials, e.g.: thin layer technologies, microelectronics, electronic functional units, sol-gel technologies for material production, development of compound materials, phase separation techniques, matrix systems for chemical reactions, drug carriers, treatment of raw materials, etc.
Due to this large interest it was decided to publish this volume on surface tension of liquids and binary liquid mixtures. Since the amount of data exceeds the available space for printing, only one recommended data set for each substance is printed. Therefore, this volume contains a CD-ROM where all available data are provided. The data of the 6th Edition of Landolt- B?rnstein Vol. II/3, 1956 (!) are included in this volume.

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