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Evidence-Based Practice in Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Perspectives, Protocols, Problems and Potential in Ayurveda

Francesco Chiappelli, Manisha Harish Ramchandani, "Evidence-Based Practice in Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Perspectives, Protocols, Problems and Potential in Ayurveda"

S,..ger | 2012 | ISBN: 3642245641 | 259 pages | PDF | 2,1 MB
This book investigates the ways in which the evidence base is influencing complementary and alternative medicine in general and Ayurveda and allied health practices in particular. The latter have traditionally been prevalent in Asia and are now increasingly attracting interest worldwide. The book is divided into four sections, the first of which examines issues related to acquisition and evaluation of the evidence base. Evidence-based approaches to Ayurvedic diagnosis and therapy are then examined, with a special focus on management of cardiovascular and rheumatological diseases, dental care, and rejuvenating treatments. The final section explores further the challenges of applying evidence-based practice in contemporary and alternative medicine and Ayurveda with a focus upon the issues requiring urgent attention in ongoing decade. The same involves encompassing areas such as Ayurvedic pharmaceutics, practice, education and research within an evidence-based perspective.
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For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women

Shaunti Feldhahn, Jeff Feldhahn, "For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women"

Publisher: M..tn.mah B..ks | ISBN: 1590525728 | 2006 | EPUB/MOBI | 192 pages | 670 KB/835 KB
Finally—You Can Understand Her!
Women: Complicated and impossible to understand? Do you love and want to please the woman in your life, but just can’t seem to figure her out? That was before For Men Only. Now at your fingertips is the tool that will unlock the secret to her mysterious ways. Through hundreds of interviews and the results of a scientific national survey of women, this book demonstrates that women are actually not random and that they really can be systematized and “mapped.” In fact, much to men’s delight, this book shows that women are actually quite easy to understand and please—as long as you know what it is they need. This simple map will guide you to loving your wife or girlfriend in the way she needs to be loved.
The bestselling author of For Women Only teams with her husband to offer men the key to unlocking the mysterious ways of women. Through Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn ’s national scientific survey and hundreds of interviews, For Men Only reveals what you can do today to improve your relationship. And believe it or not, as Jeff assures men, “It’s not splitting the atom.”
And for every guy who rarely reads a manual: Quick-Start Guide Included!
“When we featured Shaunti’s book For Women Only on FamilyLife Today, the phone rang off the hook! When Shaunti and Jeff come back on our broadcast, I’m buying some more phones. This is fresh and relevant—good stuff for every marriage. Read it!”
-Dennis Rainey
President, FamilyLife
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Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry, Eighth Edition: An Introductory Guide

Michael J Boella, Steven Goss-Turner, "Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry, Eighth Edition: An Introductory Guide"

English | 2005-06-13 | ISBN: 0750666366 | 385 pages | PDF | 2.5 mb
Now in its eighth edition, Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry: an introductory guide, is fully updated with new legal information, data, statistics and examples, and includes brand new material on multi unit operations and management.
Taking a 'process' approach, it guides the reader through every stage from HR planning through recruitment to termination/separation, covering the following issues:
- Selection, appointment and induction
- Training and management development
- Labour turnover
- Employee relations and employment law
- Managing people and customer care
- Business Ethics
Written in a user friendly style, each chapter includes international examples, bulleted lists, guides to further reading and exercises to test knowledge.
- Practical introduction to human resource management, ideal for new students and managers in the hospitality industry
- 8th edition with updated data and new material on multi-unit operations and management
- Increased international focus with up to date case studies and examples
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Die Ernhrungsfalle - Wie die Lebensmittelindustrie unser Essen manipuliert Das Lexikon

Die Ern?hrungsfalle - Wie die Lebensmittelindustrie unser Essen manipuliert Das Lexikon

HeV | 2010 | ISBN: 3453170741 3641048680 | 4 MB | True PDF | 970 Pages | german
Sie nennen es Essen ...
Aluminiumhaltige Schokolinsen, Plastikhormone in Babynahrung, gef?hrliche Zitronens?ure in Gummib?rchen: Was steckt eigentlich im Essen drin, das wir Tag f?r Tag bedenkenlos zu uns nehmen? Der Nahrungskritiker und Bestsellerautor Hans-Ulrich Grimm geht den kleinen und gro?en L?gen der Lebensmittelindustrie radikal und schonungslos auf den Grund.
Wussten Sie, dass Erdbeeraroma aus S?gesp?nen gewonnen wird? Dass der Lack der leckeren Schokolinsen, die Kinder so gerne essen, aluminiumhaltig ist? Und dass Zitronens?ure im Brot den Zahnschmelz aufl?sen kann? Zum ersten Mal gibt es jetzt alle Wahrheiten ?ber die Bestandteile unseres t?glichen Essens auf einen Blick: Von A wie Aromastoffe ?ber B wie Bernsteins?ure, von K wie Kartoffelchips bis hin zu Z wie Zusatzstoffe ?ffnet Hans-Ulrich Grimm uns in ?ber 300 Stichworten die Augen dar?ber, wie die Lebensmittelindustrie unsere Nahrung manipuliert. Ein Nachschlagewerk, das seinesgleichen sucht, und ein Muss f?r jeden Haushalt: umfassend, fesselnd, informativ.
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 . 1609 -1611

Смоленская осада. 1609 -1611

2011 | Сергей Александров | Вече | ISBN: 978 5953358002 | руcский | PDF or DjVu | 324 pages | 35.0 Mb Mb or 23.8 Mb
В монографии рассматриваются проблемы, связанные с историей Смоленского края в Смутное время. Автор дал анализ дворянского землевладения в Смоленском, Вяземском, Рославльском уездах в конце XVI в. и показал развитие смоленских городов в этот период. В работе рассмотрена позиция смоленских слоев населения на всех этапах гражданской войны начала XVII в., особенное внимание уделено позиции дворян западных уездов в период восстания И.Болотникова и движения Лжедмитрия II.
Значительная часть монографии посвящена Смоленской обороне 1609- 1611 гг. Раскрыты причины похода Сигизмунда III под Смоленск, а также показана внутренняя жизнь смолян в условиях осады и мероприятия смоленских воевод, которые позволили противостоять армии польского короля и внутренней анархии в крепости. Отмечена роль Смоленской обороны в развертывании национально-освободительного движения в России в 1611-1612 гг.
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How To Do Everything with Your Digital Camera by Dave Johnson

How To Do Everything with Your Digital Camera by Dave Johnson (Repost)

Publisher: Osborne/McGraw-Hill; 2nd edition (July 24, 2002) | ISBN: 0072225556 | Pages: 416 | PDF | 16.58 MB
Do more with your digital camera than you ever thought possible with help from this easy-to-use guide. You'll understand digital photography basics, learn to share results through e-mail or the Internet, store images electronically, apply advanced photography techniques, perform image editing, and much more. This book dissects digital photography in bite-sized, understandable sections that will help anyone--from beginner to professional--have a better digital camera experience.
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Foundational Java: Key Elements and Practical Programming

David Parsons, "Foundational Java: Key Elements and Practical Programming"

Publisher: S.ri..er | ISBN: 1447124782 | 2012 | PDF | 563 pages | 22 MB
This book presents a guide to the core features of Java – and some more recent innovations – enabling the reader to build skills and confidence though tried-and-trusted stages, supported by exercises that reinforce key learning points. All of the most useful and commonly applied Java syntax and libraries are introduced, along with many example programs that can provide the basis for more substantial applications. Use of the Eclipse IDE and the JUnit testing framework is integral to the book, ensuring maximum productivity and code quality, although to ensure that skills are not confined to one environment the fundamentals of the Java compiler and run time are also explained. Additionally, coverage of the Ant tool will equip the reader with the skills to automatically build, test and deploy applications independent of an IDE. Features: presents information on Java 7; contains numerous code examples and exercises; provides source code, self-test questions and PowerPoint slides at an associated website.
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The Cuban Kitchen

Raquel Rabade Roque, "The Cuban Kitchen"

Publisher: K.o.f | ISBN: 0375711961 | 2011 | EPUB/MOBI | 448 pages | 6 MB/5 MB
What is Cuban cuisine? A delectable intermingling of Spanish, Portuguese, Arabian, Chinese, and African culinary traditions—a true melting pot of all the influences that combine in Cuban culture.
Now, Raquel Rabade Roque gives us the definitive book of Cuban cuisine: encyclopedic in its range, but intimate and accessible in tone with more than five hundred recipes for classic, home-style dishes—from black bean soup to pork empanadas, from ropa vieja to black beans and croquetas, from tostones to arroz con pollo, from churros to cafe con leche—as well as the vividly told stories behind the recipes.
Based on the author’s family recipes, this is real Cuban cooking presented with today’s busy cooks in mind. Whether you are an experienced cook or a novice, a lover of Cuban cuisine or just discovering it, The Cuban Kitchen will become an essential part of your kitchen library.

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