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Alexis Sklarevski: The Slap Bass Program

Alexis Sklarevski: The Slap Bass Program
DVDRip | 480x360 | AVI | DX50 1150 kbps | 29.97 fps | Aspect ratio: 4:3 | Audio: MP3 128 kpbs @ 44.1 KHz | 710 MB
Actors: Alexis Sklarevski | Directors: David Schaub | Publisher: Video Progressions
Genre: Guitar Bass Training | Published on: 03/08/2006

This highly acclaimed video has become the definitive bible of slap technique. Packed with intensive instruction and incredible syncopated funk, “The Slap Bass Program” thoroughly explores the challenging techniques behind the slap style. Alexis Sklarevski is a phenomenal teacher, and has the rare ability to put all the pieces together in a refreshingly logical, integrated fashion. Starting with the fundamentals of slap technique, he elaborates one step at a time to incorporate complex damping and choking, funk patterns and vamps, "machine-gun" triplets, percussive right-hand tapping, flamenco-style strumming, double-stop riffs, scales, phrasing and much more.


This video features split-screen closeups of both the right and left hand so there is never any question as to what is being done. Alexis is incredibly thorough, and his demonstrations with a guitarist and drummer show how this dynamic style can be applied in almost any musical situation. Absolutely the most complete and focused study of slap technique ever produced

Nominated for "The American Video Conference Award" (Presented by The American Film Institute and Billboard Magazine).

Master tutor Alexis Sklarevski provides a superb chance to learn the secrets to the thrilling and versatile world of the Slap Bass. Starting with the fundamentals of slap technique, Sklarevski elaborates one step at a time as you progress through such exciting ideas as:

* Complex damping and choking
* Funk patterns and vamps
* Machine-gun triplets
* Percussive right-hand tapping
* Flamenco-style strumming
* Double-stop riffs
* Scales and phrasing

All demonstrations are supported by Guitars and Drums, so you can really hear the ideas in action.

Alexis Sklarevski: The Slap Bass Program

Alexis Sklarevski: The Slap Bass Program

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