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Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed


Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed

Product Description

This is the most comprehensive, practical guide to building enterpriseclass applications with SharePoint 2007, ASP.NET 2.0, Visual C# 2005, and the Microsoft Office 2007 system. Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed is designed for every working .NET developer: both those with SharePoint experience and those new to SharePoint. The authors thoroughly introduce SharePoint 2007 as a development platform and offer in-depth, example-rich coverage of every significant tool for programmers–from “Features and Solutions” to list events, from user profiles to Web Parts. You’ll walk step-by-step through building each major type of SharePoint application. You’ll also find in-depth coverage of SharePoint 2007’s rich collection of built-in Web services, including services for building document workspaces, centralizing the management of Excel spreadsheets, ensuring security, and much more.

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Pro ASP.NET 3.5 in VB 2008: Includes Silverlight 2

Paperback: 1500 pages
Publisher: Apress; 1 edition (January 2, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1430216301
ISBN-13: 978-1430216308
Format: PDF
You can buy this book: Amazon.com
Description: ASP.NET 3.5 is the latest version of Microsoft’s revolutionary ASP.NET technology. It is the principal standard for creating dynamic web pages on the Windows platform. Pro ASP.NET 3.5 in VB 2008: Includes Silverlight 2 raises the bar for high–quality, practical advice on learning and deploying Microsoft’s dynamic web solution.

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Lynda.com AJAX Crash Cours by SitePoint


In The AJAX Crash Course, published by SitePoint, instructor Kevin Yank explores the many technologies that come together in AJAX applications. These technologies include the Document Object Model (DOM), Extensible Markup Language (XML), javascript, and XMLHttpRequest (XHR). Along with providing an application tour, Kevin explains how to make intelligent decisions about which of these tools to use, and gives hands-on examples of how to apply them.

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Product Description
ASP.NET is a wonderful new enabling technology that allows developers to create business solutions much more effectively than ever before. However, there is room for improvement. Developers often do not see the potholes and pitfalls related to this technology until they stumble. Real World ASP.NET Best Practiceshelps readers to avoid just such frustrations. The book's in-depth coverage includes data handling, caching, javascript, user and server controls, distributed programming, configuration, and deployment.
Real World ASP.NET Best Practices goes far beyond the documentation to teach ASP.NET development best practices based on the authors' real-world experience. The book's emphasis is on helping developers perform tasks correctly and avoid mistakes, not on teaching ASP.NET in general.

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Product Description

Pro ASP.NET 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005 takes you through the e-commerce web application development cycle, from conception to coding to deployment and maintenance. It will also help you maximize your potential profits, learn what risks are involved, and take the necessary steps to minimize those risks. The book begins by introducing e-commerce systems and lays out the toolset. To help you learn about meeting and overcoming real-world challenges, the book features a case study of a fictional company, Little Italy Vineyards.

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Pages: 504 pages
Publisher: Wrox (February 12, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 047004179X
ISBN-13: 978-0470041796 

Now you can uncover the secrets behind accessing and retrieving data from a wide range of data sources such as SQL Server and XML sources. This book walks you through the array of ADO.NET 2.0 features and clearly shows you how they can be used to develop database-driven web applications in ASP.NET.

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Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls For .NET Framework 3.5

Book Description

ASP.NET AJAX server controls can encapsulate even the most powerful AJAX functionality, helping you build more elegant, maintainable, and scalable applications. This is the first comprehensive, code-rich guide to custom ASP.NET AJAX server controls for experienced ASP.NET developers. Unlike other books on ASP.NET AJAX, this book focuses solely on server control development and reflects the significant improvements in ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX and the latest Visual Studio 2008 features for streamlining AJAX development

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 XML Programming: Web Applications and Web Services With JSP and ASP 2002-06 [includes Source Code link]
XML Programming: Web Applications and Web Services With JSP and ASP 2002-06 [includes Source Code link]
Publisher: Apress | ISBN: 1590590031 | edition 2002 | PDF | 555 pages | 2,35 mb

XML Programming: Web Applications and Web Services with JSP and ASP provides a fast-moving introduction to the XML family of technologies for programmers. Although written with a focus upon JSP- and ASP-based XML solutions, the book presents the material from a language-independent point of view that benefits all developers, whatever their language. The code is written to be readable by all.

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