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Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook
Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook
Paperback: 360 pages
Publisher: Packt Publishing (January, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1849513767
ISBN-13: 978-1849513760
File Size: 10.87 Mb

GNU/Linux is a remarkable operating system that comes with a complete development environment that is stable, reliable, and extremely powerful. The shell being the native interface to communicate with the operating system is capable of controlling the entire operating system. There are numerous commands on Linux shell which are documented but hard to understand. The man pages are helpful but they are very lengthy and it does not give any clues on key areas where commands can be used. Proper usage of shell commands can easily solve many complex tasks with a few lines of code, but most linux users don’t have the right know-how to use the Linux shell to its full potential.
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The Linux Programming Interface: A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook
The Linux Programming Interface: A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook
Hardcover: 1552 pages
Publisher: No Starch Press (October, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1593272200
ISBN-13: 978-1593272203
File Size: 17.9 MB

The Linux Programming Interface is the definitive guide to the Linux and UNIX programming interface—the interface employed by nearly every application that runs on a Linux or UNIX system.
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<--dle_image_begin:http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/5396/98797613.jpg|-->Linux Networking Clearly Explained<--dle_image_end-->

Linux Networking Clearly Explained by Bryan Pfaffenberger, Michael Jang
Morgan Kaufmann | 2001 | ISBN: 0125331711 | Pages: 390 | PDF | Size: 5,6 MB

Passionately democratic in its advocacy of networking for the masses, this is the first book on Linux networking written especially for the novice user. Because the free, open-source Linux operating system is winning so many converts today, the number of Linux-based networks will grow exponentially over the next few years. Taking up where Linux Clearly Explained left off, Linux Networking Clearly Explained walks the reader through the creation of a TCP/IP-based, Linux-driven local area network, beginning with a "sandbox" installation involving just two or three computers. Readers master the fundamentals of system and network administration-including handling user accounts and setting up security-in this less complex environment. The author then helps them along to the more sophisticated techniques associated with connecting this network to the Internet.
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<--dle_image_begin:http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/7241/47263516.jpg|-->Linux Thin Client Networks Design and Deployment<--dle_image_end-->

Linux Thin Client Networks Design and Deployment: A quick guide
for System Administrators by David Richards

Packt Publishing | 2007 | ISBN: 1847192041 | Pages: 176 | PDF | Size: 10,5 MB

The book is for System Administrators interested in designing and setting up a Linux thin client network and provides enough knowledge to understand how the technology works, make decisions about deployment, and then implement a stable work environment.
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<--dle_image_begin:http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/8868/00170c7a44012284404029.jpg|-->Red Hat Fedora 5 Unleashed<--dle_image_end-->

Red Hat Fedora 5 Unleashed
Publisher: Sams | ISBN: 067232847X | edition 2006 | CHM | 1104 pages | 16 mb
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<--dle_image_begin:http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/9748/00170116.jpg|-->IBM Redbooks, «Lotus Domino 6 for Linux»<--dle_image_end-->
IBM Redbooks, «Lotus Domino 6 for Linux»
Vervante | ISBN: 0738426334 | 2002 | PDF | 478 pages | 17.15 MB
This IBM Redbook describes how to run the IBM Lotus Domino 6 server on the Linux platform. While Lotus Domino 6 is platform-independent, some specific knowledge about the platform and configuration is required to ensure that the Domino 6 server is running most efficiently. The book provides detailed instructions for installing Linux and Domino 6 for Linux, and describes how to achieve maximum performance of your system. System administration and security techniques are explained and tools for managing and troubleshooting are discussed as well. Detailed scenarios illustrate some of the features of Domino 6 on Linux, in particular user registration, directory synchronization, creating a Domino application, and accessing external data using DB2 and MySQL. We describe how to configure Domino as a Web server, including the new security options specific to the HTTP protocol in Domino 6. Strategies and techniques for virus protection and data backups are presented, along with details about some of the third-party software packages available to help you with these management tasks. This redbook is written for administrators with strong Domino and Windows operating system skills, but who are not experts on Linux. Therefore, we show in detail how to install and configure a Linux operating system on your server, but don't spend too much time explaining basic Domino features. Instead, we focus on demonstrating that Linux is an excellent platform on which to run Domino 6.
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Beginning SUSE Linux From Novice to Professional
Publisher: APress | 2005 | ISBN: 1590594584 | Pages: 544 | CHM | 18,81 MB

Beginning SUSE Linux: From Novice to Professional is designed for the newcomer to Linux. It aims to guide you through numerous practical topics relevant to effective operation of this popular operating system.
The book begins by discussing the background of Linux and open source software, then proceeds to guide you through the SUSE installation process. You'll learn how to use the basic functions, and modify the look and feel according to your tastes. This book is packed with troubleshooting tips, so even the most cautious beginner will feel right at home.
Next, the book covers the daily usage tasks that are enjoyable and interesting to learn. You'll learn how to configure your system to listen to audio CDs and MP3s, burn CDs, watch movies, connect to the Internet, and reproduce common Windows tasks.
In the process, you'll gain an in-depth understanding about the core of Linux. You'll learn how to master the command-line prompt, secure your system, and perform administration tasks like scheduling backups and managing users.
A full version of the SUSE operating system is supplied for free on the included DVD, so you'll have everything you need to get a Linux system up and running.

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<--dle_image_begin:http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/9431/0016feb5.jpg|-->Linux Handbook: A Guide to IBM Linux Solutions and Resources<--dle_image_end-->

IBM Redbooks, «Linux Handbook: A Guide to IBM Linux Solutions and Resources»
Vervante | ISBN: 0738427977 | 2003 | PDF | 340 pages | 4.99 MB
This IBM Redbook offers enough information to give you a high-level understanding of Linux. Therefore, it is not meant to be a highly technical document. It also provides pointers to further sources of information. This redbook is intended for IBM representatives, Business Partners, and Customers who are involved in considering and planning Linux-based software solutions. You will find this redbook particularly helpful if you are planning to test or implement Linux in an enterprise.

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