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Perl 5 Pocket Reference
Publisher: O'Reilly | ISBN: 0596000324 | edition 2000 | PDF | 31 pages | 1,2 mb

This quick reference provides a complete overview of the Perl programming language. The book covers a summary of Perl syntax rules and a complete list of operators, built-in functions, and standard library modules, all with brief descriptions.
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Book Description
Working on the assumption that the reader has no formal training in programming, Perl Programming for Biologists demonstrates how Perl is used to solve biological problems. Each chapter opens with a set of learning objectives, provides numerous review questions and self-study exercises, and concludes with a bulleted summary of key points. The author incorporates numerous real-life examples throughout the text. Upon completing the book, readers are able to quickly perform such tasks as correcting recurring errors in spreadsheets, scanning a Fasta sequence for every occurrence of an EcoRI site, adapting other writers’ scripts to one’s own purposes, and most important, writing reusable and maintainable scripts that spare the rote repetition of code.

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Book Description
Provides readers with the methods, algorithms, and means to perform text mining tasks

This book is devoted to the fundamentals of text mining using Perl, an open-source programming tool that is freely available via the Internet (www.perl.org). It covers mining ideas from several perspectives–statistics, data mining, linguistics, and information retrieval–and provides readers with the means to successfully complete text mining tasks on their own.

The book begins with an introduction to regular expressions, a text pattern methodology, and quantitative text summaries, all of which are fundamental tools of analyzing text. Then, it builds upon this foundation to explore:

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Mark Jason Dominus, "Higher-Order Perl: Transforming Programs with Programs"
2005 | ISBN: 1558607013 | PDF | 600 pages | 1.65 MB

Most Perl programmers were originally trained as C and Unix programmers, so the Perl programs that they write bear a strong resemblance to C programs. However, Perl incorporates many features that have their roots in other languages such as Lisp. These advanced features are not well understood and are rarely used by most Perl programmers, but they are very powerful. They can automate tasks in everyday programming that are difficult to solve in any other way.
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altMastering Algorithms with Perl

Written for readers with at least some Perl programming experience, Mastering Algorithms in Perl delivers a solid library of algorithms written in Perl for business and mathematical computing. From data structures to cryptography and more advanced mathematical algorithms, this book provides a worthwhile guide to extending Perl’s coding capabilities.

The best thing about Mastering Algorithms in Perl is the scope at which it covers the universe of algorithms while refraining from getting bogged down in academic detail. Besides basic data structures–a lynchpin of books on algorithms–the authors provide dozens and dozens of algorithms for sorting, searching, and doing mathematical computations of all kinds. While they discuss “Big-O” notation and assume a general familiarity with math, they don’t overwhelm the reader. (You can even borrow the code without needing a math degree to understand it.) The focus is on efficient, reusable Perl subroutines written and compiled by three Perl experts.

Standout chapters include extending Perl’s already powerful string processing abilities, game programming, and cryptography. Generally, the authors achieve a good mix of more advanced (and less well-known) algorithms, along with the basics. Chances are you won’t need to use all the dozen or so sorting algorithms presented here, but the authors include them all, just in case. As a reference and tutorial, readers can pick and choose what they need for real-world Perl development.

There hasn’t been a book dedicated exclusively to Perl algorithms prior to the publication of this one. In all, Mastering Algorithms in Perl fills a useful niche by compiling a powerful library of Perl algorithms that will be useful for anyone who works with this programming language, whether in business or academic computing.
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altData Munging with Perl

Paperback: 300 pages
Data: January 15, 2001
Format: PDF
Description: Web Techniques Magazine
the chapters are concise, the coverage is comprehensive, and the examples are plentiful and relevant.

Pikes Peak Perl Mongers
“I found the sample problems and the author’s solutions to be very well done. I . . . liked the design tips…”

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altPublisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company; 1st edition
Language: English
ISBN: 0201700549
Paperback: 288 pages
Data: March 27, 2001
Format: PDF
Description: (Pearson Education) Saves programmers time and frustration by offering a guide through the entire programming process, showing how to completely debug Perl. Example rich and slightly humorous, the reference and guide minimizes the development, troubleshooting, and maintenance time developers must take to create elegant, errorless code.

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