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Cezary Madryas, Andrzej Kolonko, Arkadiusz Szot and Beata Nienartowicz, "Underground Infrastructure of Urban Areas 3"
English | ISBN: 1138026522 | 2014 | 336 pages | PDF | 33 MB
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Portable Video: ENG & EFP, Fifth Edition by Norman Medoff, Edward J. Fink, Tom Tanquary
English | 2007-03-16 | ISBN: 0240807979 | PDF | 416 pages | 26 MB

Portable Video: ENG and EFP, Fifth Edition focuses on the techniques and technology of single camera electronic news gathering and electronic field production. Covering everything from basic creative and technical editing techniques to budgets and copyright issues, it is accessible to the home videomaker or amateur and to the professional seeking information on the newest advances in technique and equipment.
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Kenneth F. Johnson and Thomas R. Veliotti, "Energy Research Developments: Tidal Energy, Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy"
English | ISBN: 1606926802 | 2009 | 382 pages | PDF | 11 MB
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S?ren Ehlers, Bjorn Egil Asbjornslett, Ornulf Jan Rodseth and Tor Einar Berg, "Maritime-Port Technology and Development"
English | ISBN: 113802726X | 2014 | 248 pages | PDF | 14 MB
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Hydrothermal Reactions for Materials Science and Engineering: An Overview of Research in Japan by S. Somiya
Springer; Reprint of the original 1st ed. 1989 edition | October 1, 2011 | English | ISBN: 9401068194 | 505 pages | PDF | 34 MB

According to the late Professor Emeritus Seitaro Tsuboi,l the word 'hydrothermal' was used as early as 1849 by a British geologist, Sir Roderick Murchison (1792-187 I), in relation to the action of heated water in bringing about change in the earth's crust.
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"Light and Water: Radiative Transfer in Natural Waters" by Curtis D. Mobley
APAE Press | 1994 | ISBN: 0125027508 9780125027502 | 6146 pages | PDF | 19 MB

This volume offers a treatment of radiative transfer theory in a format tailored to the specific needs of optical oceanography, with applications to real problems. It develops the basic theory and reviews the current literature. Numerical methods for solving radiative transfer equations are then detailed, with equations describing transpectral effects, internal surfaces, and surface effects
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Biorelated Polymers: Sustainable Polymer Science and Technology by Emo Chiellini
Springer; 2001 edition | October 31, 2001 | English | ISBN: 030646652X | 401 pages | PDF | 17 MB

Application of polymers from renewable resources - also identified as biopolymers - has a large potential market due to the current emphasis on sustainable technology. For optimal R&D achievements and hence benefits from these market opportunities, it is essential to combine the expertise available in the vast range ofdifferent disciplines in biopolymer science and technology.
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An Introduction to Communication Network Analysis
by George Kesidis
English | 2007 | ISBN: 0471371416 | 232 pages | PDF | 8.3 MB

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