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Neutron Spin Echo Spectroscopy: Basics, Trends and Applications (Lecture Notes in Physics) by Ferenc Mezei
Springer; 2003 edition | February 12, 2003 | English | ISBN: 3540442936 | 331 pages | PDF | 13 MB

Neutron spin echo (NSE) spectroscopy is the highest energy resolution neutron scattering technique available for examining a large area (in time and space) in condensed matter physics. This broad dynamic and spatial range is extensively exploited in the study of a wide range of scientific problems ranging from the dynamics of glasses, polymer melts, complex fluids and microemulsions to the elementary excitations in superfluid 4He and to ferromagnets and spin glasses.
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Theoretical Femtosecond Physics: Atoms and Molecules in Strong Laser Fields By Frank Grossmann
2013 | 281 Pages | ISBN: 3319006053 | PDF | 4 MB
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Serving the Reich: The Struggle for the Soul of Physics under Hitler by Philip Ball
English | 2014 | ISBN: 022620457X, 0099581647 | 320 pages | PDF | 1 MB

After World War II, most scientists in Germany maintained that they had been apolitical or actively resisted the Nazi regime, but the true story is much more complicated.
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Stochastic Processes, Formalism and Applications (Lecture Notes in Physics) by G.S. Agarwal
Springer; 1983 edition | January 7, 1983 | English | ISBN: 3540123261 | 32 pages | PDF | 16 MB

These proceedings are based on lectures delivered at the School. The aim was to introduce research workers at the pre- and post-doctoral levels to the basic concepts, techniques and applications of stochastic theories. Some of the discussions, such as those on the properties of Gaussian and Markov processes and on Langevin and Fokker-Planck equations, have by now become standard textbook material. It
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Quantum Dynamical Semigroups and Applications (Lecture Notes in Physics) by Robert Alicki
Springer; 2007 edition | June 11, 2007 | English | ISBN: 354070860X | 137 pages | PDF | 11 MB

Reinvigorated by advances and insights the quantum theory of irreversible processes has recently attracted growing attention.This volume introduces the very basic concepts of semigroup dynamics of open quantum systems and reviews a variety of modern applications. Originally published as Volume 286 (1987) in Lecture in Physics, this volume has been newly typeset, revised and corrected and also expanded to include a review on recent developments.
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Kwang-Sup Lee, "Polymers for Photonics Applications II: Nonlinear Optical, Photorefractive and Two-Photon Absorption Polymers"
English | 2003 | ISBN: 3540431578 | PDF | pages: 222 | 4,7 mb
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Georg P. Horedt, "Polytropes: Applications in Astrophysics and Related Fields"
English | 2004 | ISBN: 1402023502, 9048166454 | PDF | pages: 727 | 17,3 mb
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Classical Mechanics, Second Edition by Tai L. Chow
2013 | ISBN: 1466569980 | English | 639 pages | PDF | 105 MB

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