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altPublisher: Cambridge University Press
Language: English
ISBN: 0521865239
Paperback: 616 pages
Data: Jun 2008
Format: PDF
Description: If you have to understand and optimize the performance of wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, this explanation provides you with the information and insights you need. It delivers an understanding of the underlying problems, and the techniques to develop efficient solutions and maximize network performance. Taking an algorithmic and theoretical approach, Li dissects key layers of a wireless network, from the physical and MAC layers (covering the IEEE 802.11 and 802.16 protocols, and protocols for wireless sensor networks and Bluetooth) through to the network routing layer. In doing so he reviews the practical protocols, formulates problem mathematically, solve them algorithmically and then analyses the performance. Graduate students, researchers and practitioners needing an overview of the various algorithmic, graph theoretical, computational geometric and probabilistic approach to solving problems in designing these networks will find this an invaluable resource. Additional resources for this title are available online at www.cambridge.org/9780521865234.
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altPublisher: Apress
Language: English
ISBN: 1590599217
Paperback: 920 pages
Data: Aug 2008
Format: PDF
Description: The move from so–called heavyweight architectures, such as Enterprise JavaBeans, toward lightweight frameworks, like Spring, has not stopped since Pro Spring was published by Rob Harrop and Jan Machacek in 2005; in fact, it’s picked up pace. The Spring Framework remains the leader in this move and provides a platform on which you can build your own applications and services.
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December 2007 | English | PDF | 2.6MB

D&L is a monthly online minizine published by PH design consultant. It includes design, lifestyle, fashion, and creative news from all over the world. It introduces you the most exciting trends, and bring you the healthiest and easiest recipes.

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# Publisher: New Riders Press (May 6, 2005)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0321305256
# ISBN-13: 978-0321305251

Book Description

Cascading Style Sheets enable you to rapidly create web designs that can be shared by hundreds of web pages, accelerating development times and centralizing text and layout information for easy editing and updates. Stylin?€™ with CSS teaches you everything you need to know start using CSS in your web development work, from the basics of markup of your content and styling text, through to creating multi-column page layouts without the use of tables. Learn how to create interface components, such as drop-down menus, navigation links, and animated graphical buttons, using only CSS ?€“ no javascript required. Discover how to design code that will work on the latest standard-compliant browsers, while working around the quirks of the older browsers. With a mastery of CSS, your web design capabilities will move to a new level, and everything you need to know to get your started and build your skills is right here in this book. You?€™ll be stylin?€™ in no time
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# Publisher: Sams; 7 edition (December 24, 2005)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0672328410
# ISBN-13: 978-0672328411

Book Description

Learn from the newest, updated edition of the highly acclaimed introduction to HTML, Sams Teach Yourself HTML and CSS In 24 Hours. The seventh edition includes updates to introduce Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in concert with HTML to produce quality web pages. You'll be able to study revisions that refine examples, as well as provide an enhanced integration with your web pages. You'll also gain a comprehensive understanding with new examples that match the current state of HTML.
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<--TBegin-->Ajax Hacks <--TEnd-->Ajax, the popular term for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is one of the most important combinations of technologies for web developers to know these days. With its rich grouping of technologies, Ajax developers can create interactive web applications with XML-based web services, using JavaScript in the browser to process the web server response.

Taking complete advantage of Ajax, however, requires something more than your typical ?€œhow-to?€ book. What it calls for is Ajax Hacks from O?€™Reilly. This valuable guide provides direct, hands-on solutions that take the mystery out of Ajax?€™s many capabilities. Each hack represents a clever way to accomplish a specific task, saving you countless hours of searching for the right answer.

A smart collection of 80 insider tips and tricks, Ajax Hacks covers all of the technology?€™s finer points. Want to build next-generation web applications today? This book can show you how. Among the multitude of topics addressed, it shows you techniques for:
* Using Ajax with Google Maps and Yahoo Maps
* Displaying Weather.com data
* Scraping stock quotes
* Fetching postal codes
* Building web forms with auto-complete functionality
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altAuthor(s): Wallace B. McClure, Scott Cate, Paul Glavich, Craig Shoemaker
Publisher: Wrox
Year: Sep 2006
ISBN: 047178544X
Language: English
Pages: 428
File type: PDF
Size (for download): 6.8 MB

Ajax is a set of technologies that will revolutionize the way that web-based applications are designed. It revolutionizes the way that applications are used, provides users a responsive application, and provides developers with the alternatives for building their applications. We believe that this book will meet your needs regarding programming Ajax on the ASP.NET platform.

People interested in this book will be developers who are working in the ASP.NET environment and are looking to create a more responsive and modern application using technologies that are very similar to the desktop methodologies. Developers who are looking to improve the user experience of their existing applications, develop new applications, develop internal line-of-business applications, and those who want to bulk up with the latest technology that developers all over the world are talking about will find what they are looking for here.
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alt# Publisher: For Dummies (March 13, 2006)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0471785970
# ISBN-13: 978-0471785972

"...done a great job of explaining the various technologies behind Ajax...." (Practical Web Design, June 2006)

"...surprisingly good book..." (Computer Shoppers, June 2006)

Book Description

Ajax is short for ?€œAsynchronous JavaScript+CSS+DOM+XMLHttpRequest.?€

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